2006/ 03-05

currently:  feeling… thoughtful.

it’s 4:30 in the afternoon.
california is sunny and beautiful.

IMG_8664_compress75.jpg   IMG_8665_compress75.jpg
  the beloved beth hall.  (doing drugs while on the phone.)                           katie and lester.  we have mutual friends. (or did?)

this day is almost unreal.  i am still getting used to it all.  … that i’m no longer in ohio.
i met some cool people from beth’s church.  we ate some great subs at Rockin’ Jenny’s…
Lester drives with the hazard lights on.  and Katie (with sister Laura) insisted we get popsicles… from the Mexican part of town.
    (i must say… that made me miss that beloved country.)  i do like fruit popsicles.  especially for one dollar.

the flights yesterday went well.  but it was a long day.  i do like flying by myself… but i would think it would be more enjoyable with a ‘significant other.’
here is an excerpt from my journal during the long flight :

Saturday, March 4, 2006
7:35pm – Atlanta, Georgia – Flight to San Diego

I wonder where the lady with the dog ended up.  It sure was a cute dog – pug and chihuahua mix named Sugar.  And she is currently sitting at her owner’s feet.
I like this flight attendant.  She seems very personable.  Her friendly smile tells me she has done this for quite a while.
I have overheard that this flight has been overbooked.  This may be interesting.  For four hours and fifty minutes I get to “enjoy” the company of the lonely two next to me on my right – the rowdy threesome directly in front of me (i’m assuming if they are not drunk now… they will be later.) – and there’s a couple college guys across the aisle and scattered among the seats nearby.  I’m glad that I am sitting by the window – my eyes are starting to hurt and my mind seems a little dizzy.  Perhaps if I close my eyes… I can open them in Southern California.  Beth said today that she and her mom bought some strawberries.
… The boy across the aisle, sitting by the window is wearing a red shirt.  (This is one to tell Shelly!)  He’s not too bad looking, either… Perhaps this flight will prove interesting after all.  … more later!
p.s. – the three in front of me need to talk quieter.

one final conclusion for now… Sigur Ros + night flights and lots of twinkling lights… = amazing.

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