2006/ 03-07

currently:  still feeling… thoughtful.

my shuffle for this morning:
   >  you are not alone…  michael jackson
   >  bad…  U2
   >  message in a bottle…  john mayer
   >  whatever’s left…  snow patrol
   >  a long december…  counting crows
   >  7 keys…  aqualung
   >  jane…  ben folds
   >  for the best…  straylight run
   >  broken… denison witmer
   >  cannonball…  damien rice
   >  goodnight, goodnight…  hot hot heat

i bought an adorable new shirt yesterday.
… of which i think my sister would be jealous.

i started a book on saturday while sitting in the airport.
… i finished it last night.
my mother would be proud.

(i think) today i finally get to meet beth’s good friend kelsey.
i am excited.


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7 responses to “2006/ 03-07

  • shelbell22

    *muah* missed ya today with the girls! it was good!! didn’t have as much time as i would’ve liked, but i’ll chill more with them at CU hopefully… if they’re not too busy for me   hope you’re having a great day!

  • shelbell22

    OH….. and Ahna got lost on the way here….. hahahhahaha!!! heather and i were cracking up waiting for her… and the first words she said “Sorry guys, i don’t know how i managed this, but I got lost…” and immediately we cut her off and burst into laughter…. because that’s SO typical of her. She even passed the entrance and didn’t see the big sign.  *sigh*  this one doesn’t run in my family… haha

  • shelbell22

    AHH!! This is me jealous– don’t mention the “S” word!!!!!!!!!!!   but…. have lots of fun, and eat extra for me, while i try not to think about it…… waaa

  • Anonymous

    so i love that shirt, and its probably only sold in cali too, dang hehe

  • Anonymous

    Hey babes! Looks like you’re having fun! I’m so glad you made it safely! I’m sure we will have lots and lots of stories to share with each other back at school. Oops, sorry I just mentioned that horrid thought. (school, that is…)
    Anyway, glad you’re havin’ a good time. miss you. xoxo

  • PurVida

    oh the library pass was for the school library. but i’m in there for almost every class and every study hall so i just end up not using it anyways

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