2006/ 03-09

10:12pm – sitting on my bed in bhall’s room.

i did a lot of relaxing today.  i highly enjoy relaxing.  after classes, and work, and classes, and homework, and classes…
all of this relaxing is a good thing.  thoroughly enjoyable.

kelsey, beth and i went to dinner at lourde’s tonight.  A-MA-zing. (mexican)
the best chicken soup in the WORLD (or something like that), and delicious carne burritos (i never can finish all of those things).
kelsey is hilarious.  i’m glad she and beth are friends… they’re pretty much like the same person, only… kelsey’s getting married.

after long deliberation, beth and i decided on seeing a movie tonight.
and not just ANY movie… madea’s family reunion.  oh that’s right.  pretty much beth’s gonna marry a gorgeous black man.
we couldn’t stop laughing after the movie.  you know… that mindless chuckling for really no reason at all.  …every now and then we’d break out in quotes.
now i have a headache.
               “i’ll see YOU at three o’clock…”

mr. hall is currently watching pride & prejudice with mrs. hall and katie.

a good book is like a movie for my brain…
     i can barely make myself put it on pause.


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One response to “2006/ 03-09

  • joshall

    I’m at the NAIA track and field nationals watching people run round in circles :) I needed a break from work too. Not in Nashville though :( in Johnson City.

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