2006/ 03-12

11:06 pm pst – just got back to beth’s house

UGH!   what were we thinking ???!

beth and i went out to the mocha market tonight.  good coffee, cute place, great conversation.
we headed back to her car for a little “party” w/ some loud music.
and then the real fun began…
     we had just pulled out on the road, and were havin’ a good little discussion w/ some crazy music in the background
     when some crazy guys pulled up beside us and started motioning like craziness.  too weird… 
     so we kept driving and avoided eye contact…
     BUT… they just wouldn’t let up!  and even followed us on to 78.  even after we cut them off (haha)
     the kid in the back seat kept trying to give us his number, but i was laughing too hard to remember it and beth couldn’t drive and communicate at the same time.
     i must say, the driver was pretty good at manuvering his car to be right beside us. 
     and the passenger tried to pretend like it wasn’t happening, but i could tell he was getting a kick out of it.
     THEN the kid in the back tried playing charades!!  hahahahaha.  something to do with “rain” and “heart” ??  we were lost.
     so they definitely got off at our exit, and we followed them into a parking lot “conspicuously”…
     but then once they were following us, we panicked and left… but i could SLAP myself now!  ‘cuz we totally could’ve gotten some free food out of this deal, i’m SURE.
     … and it wasn’t until i was in mcdonalds while beth went to the bathroom that i figured out the little sign language goin’ on between the cars….
     “falling” in “love” with “you”… creative. 
     so.  cute boys in the nice car on 78 tonight from san diego state…. CALL ME.

     IMG_8728_compress40.jpg      IMG_8727_compress40.jpg      IMG_8729_compress40.jpg

what a night.  i could slap myself though, that we ended the fun so soon!
but as beth so profoundly stated… there’s always tomorrow !!  ::grin::


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