2006/ 03-15

i have an idea.  it might make me some good money.
summer seems so close… i sigh in anticipation.
this is going to be the best summer ever, and my most favorite, i’m sure.

i will be a bridesmaid.  lookin’ gorgeous and lots of dancing, no doubt.
i will be a world traveler.  airports will be my second home.  a new country is right at my fingertips.
i will be nostalgic.  creation is unfolding.  i will be front and center.  i will reflect on the days of my youth… rain or shine.
i will be serving smiles.  the money in my pocket will no longer be from retail.  this will be a welcome change.
i will be involved. 
     and you will want to be there right beside me…

:: edit ::
    wow.  highlight of my night…  (besides time with my lovely julie martz)…  walking back from that this evening…
    had a guy go out of his way to step over and open a door that i was about to walk through…
    and it totally made me smile.  sure, it may sound cheesy… but it hits home.  (boys… girls like boys to open doors for them)
:: end edit ::

:: edit #2 ::
    … i love late-night conversations.  i love lots of people in my room.  and i love when someone gets online just to talk to me.
    but i also love the tired, i-should-have-been-sleeping-long-ago comments that are made in the security of the four walls in which one lives.
:: end edit ::


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