2006/ 03-18

i always enjoy meeting new people.  it is key to enjoying life.  i have decided.
today i visited an art institute with ben collins.  interesting times.
    i must say, the drive home was my favorite.  today was just one of those perfect driving days.
    you know… sun shining warmly through the windows… sun roof slightly open… music turned up and singing at the top of your lungs…
    one of those kinds of days.
maybe tomorrow i’ll attempt hiking somewhere.  i can’t pass up a gorgeous sunny day.

my sister texted me during church tonight.  i called her back afterwards.
… ryan has asked me to marry him.  he thinks i am beautiful.  i am flattered.  he asked how i felt about the nosering.
          every marriage has compromises, right?

so i have decided… after brittany’s rendition of “the bachelor” with evan the other night at battle of the bands…
that i need to have my own little “bachelorette”… and find me a date for elliv.
last year i was dateless.  this year… well, this year i shall have a date.  i am determined.
so i know i’m jumpin’ the gun here… but uh… all my friends who are boys out there… let’s start thinkin’ about this just a bit.
i am not flyin’ solo this year!

it is the simple things in life that really make me smile.
like riding in the passenger seat.  and hitting 100 mph on straight and narrow back roads on a gorgeous sunny day.
like penny candy from the local dairy bar… gummy bears and sour blueberry gummies.
like a single rose sitting on my desk beside my computer.

what else shall this weekend hold??
     ( :: edit ::  as of tonight, my roomie is no longer a single woman!  :: end edit :: )

oh, and i have come to the conclusion that damien rice would be amazing make-out music.
… i have yet to test this theory, though …

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