2006/ 03-20

so this one time… i tried to use my shampoo as bodywash…  (it didn’t work so well.)

me and baumer… we is good friends.
so are my roomie and i… she brought me an entertainment weekly while i was at work.
the cover was a nice picture of mr. wentworth miller (no lie. that’s his name.)
my rooms is leaving early early tomorrow morning for surgery on her foot.  for the second time.  :-/
she’ll be out for two weeks and i’ll be all lonesome in my room.  (which, i will admit, may be enjoyable at times… but i think i might get lonely)
i’m looking forward to 8 o’clock tonight…
my life excites me.  really now.
and i really need to put new contacts in.  these ones hurt.

instantly you struck me as… quite a catch. luckily i left you with… out a scratch.
you seem capable of my control and… you’ve disabled my very soul.
i think we should kiss, so i can see… how long it takes for me to know…
nothing’s ever right, and these eve’s goodbyes… make me want love so badly.
oh… this is what it feels like to move on.  love is so unforgetting and so wrong.
come on and feel it, come on, feel it, come on…

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