2006/ 03-21

today was by far one of my most favorite chapels ever.  gave me chills.  and made me smile.

i find it refreshing to catch up with friends.  and eat.  sometimes i miss the social part of sitting around in chucks.  i’m too darn busy in life.
… yes.  friends make me laugh.  (especially when they drop their ice cream in sprinkles…)
or perhaps throwing food across the tables.  using strange voices.  ice cream endeavors… and sugar on rice?!  ::grin::

i am feeling slightly nostalgic and somewhat homesick today…
        ^ (two of my most favorite girls in the entire world)

i’m in a good mood:
just turn the music up as loud as it goes… and i’ll scream out the words…


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5 responses to “2006/ 03-21

  • Anonymous

    so how are things in the lonely room going?

  • Anonymous

    oh you know, just the whole issue. Creepin’ me right out.

  • shelbell22

    I’M SORRY!!! Jen I seriously have SOOOO much to do before Thursday…. I haven’t been able to sleep cause of having to hear you-know-what all night long from across the room, i’ve been super tired all the time b/c of that, i missed a chapel and class today b/c i fell asleep accidentally, i have a huge paper/proj. due tomorrow that i’m not even near finished with yet… and then all day tomorrow after that’s handed in i have to cram for this research paper due thursday morning that i’m really scared i wont get done cause i haven’t even started it yet. it’s been an insane week… i had work and appointments all day literally one after another all over the place today that I almost forgot about, so I didn’t get as much done as i wanted….. all to say… that’s why i haven’t called. I’m so sorry, I really want to talk to you!!! I’m just really on edge w/ this stuff, and they can’t be handed in late or i lose a whole letter grade!! AHHH!! Please pray for me, i’m so stressed. I’ll try to call you tomorrow, but if it’s not til thursday…. plllleeeeease don’t be mad at me!!  thanks, i love you!!

  • shelbell22

    thanks, you’re the best!!!!!!

  • atticfaith77

    i agree (with your comment on my site anyway)

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