2006/ 03-22


i’ve been jittery all day.  bryan amerine got me worked up at work… even before i had coffee.  then i drank coffee.  i am jittery.
let’s go sailing.
i really like wearing sweatpants.
tomorrow i am going swimming and relaxing in a hot tub.
(oh, i think i’m doing that again friday night, too!)
sweet sardines.  (i’ve never had those.)
i almost wiped out at dinner tonight.  that would not have looked good.  and adam wasn’t even there to laugh at me anyway.
my mom won’t answer her phone…
i gave my roommate the last of my circus peanuts today.  i took her some coloring books.
apparently i still have 120 meals left for chucks.  hmm.

pretty much i could write a novel on stream of consciousness.  i predict the future as well.  and i make myself laugh out loud.


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