2006/ 03-23

  no classes before noon on monday, wednesday, friday next semester . . .
  done with classes a little after noon on tuesdays and thursdays.
  wednesdays i sit straight through classes from noon to six . . .
  but i just got away with having only one class on fridays.

>>  WOW.  xanga just conformed to myspace and facebook.  hmm.  how interesting . . .
                 > a friend here, a nudge there… favorite books and movies… not sure how i feel about this yet.
                                                                                                                                  . . . it could work.
why was work so CRAZY today.  sigh… it’s only a thursday.
jerr came to visit… always a pleasant surprise! 
and wissler finally came back to civilization.  can’t wait for easter.

today is a rootbeer kind of day.

book reading tonight by donald miller…
i was just as impressed listening to him as when i finished reading the last paragraph of blue like jazz.  laughter is good.


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