2006/ 03-27

i took a ride to the other side… guess it feels so nice just to drive and drive and drive…

warmer weather makes me so much more content in life right now.
i’m ready to roll down my windows and drive to nowhere… barefooted.
that, and i’m excited for the scattered storms at the end of the week.
i have been craving a good thunderstorm…

so much work to do this afternoon/evening… sigh.


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7 responses to “2006/ 03-27

  • mewmewmewmewmewBANG

    that is my favorite summer time album. imgaine cruising the beach, top down, sun on your skin, wind in your hair, down-shifting, and the speakers blazing with such clarity and freedom. yes, it is my favorite summer-time album. only a few months to go.

  • trickcunningham

    Mae is ama(e)zing.sorry that was lame.i’m looking forward to wednesday night! i love australia practices!

  • emillay

    t-storms! i was just talking today about how i hope there are some good ones this week bc i love them!

    thanks for reading my xanga…regardless of how silly and nonsensicle it may be

  • shelbell22

    what do you mean about not being able to see the movie?? I’m confused… cause it’s played fine for me and everyone else i’ve asked…. is it not playing for you or something?*muah*

  • swtpinky1

    hey i saw you again! you sat a few rows in front of me in chapel!! weird how i keep seeing you, and i usually NEVER remember ppls faces, especially ppl i’ve never spoken to you lol. so long my “internet/ random frequent seeing” friend lol

  • swtpinky1

    i was gonna today, but then the lights went out..and then after chapel i lost ya lol…but sometime, i will. lol. hmm what do i say..”hiiiii its me? you kno, the one from??o wait, thats right, you dont know, cuz we havent met!”  lol..from xanga? lol…ps- im no where NEAR as talkative in person, im REALLY shy lol..just ask katie lol

  • nelli_marie

    storms are fun. except when lightning strikes the telephone pole outside our house and the transformer blows up and almost hits you…so glad your not dead, and you’re able to see more thunderstorms.

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