2006/ 03-30

:: edit ::
    my dad’s brand new truck was stolen last night at his hotel in maryland
    so many complications now… prayer would be appreciated.
:: end edit ::

i continue to eat the m&m’s sitting in front of me, although i am not in the mood for them.
post-it notes are one of my most favorite things in the entire world.
i am looking forward to my weekly wednesday night meeting.
still waiting for the thunderstorms… but i’m enjoying the glimpses of sunshine.
i love the smell of wood smoke.  and sweatshirts that smell like good friends.
my eyes are dry.

:: edit ::  now don’t get me wrong, i’m enjoying this singleness thing in so many aspects i don’t even know where to begin right now…
             but walking by myself back and forth to places all the time… just starts to get lonely…  
             ( perhaps i am too intimidating. )  :: end edit ::

p.s. – let’s walk barefoot . . .  and jump in a puddle or two . . .

my afternoon playlist:
  – straylight runmike borgia / baumer / joe wilson of feeling left outthis day and age / 
         rookie of the year / the spill canvas / mae / terminal / travis bryant / panic! at the disco /
      the academy is… / appleseed cast / lovedrug / the rocket summer / jimmy eat world /

sing like you think no one’s listening…
     you would kill for this, just a little bit.  … you would.

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