2006/ 03-31

damien-rice.jpg                          image02_crop_47_88.jpg
                               ( this )                                                +                                  ( this )

                                                                          =  a beautiful sound.

today is one of my most favorite days, weather-wise.  the rain feels so soft and gentle on my skin…
    i enjoy waking up slowly.  turning my head over and resting it back on the pillow.
        i enjoy rising out of bed and sliding down from my place of rest… throwing on the lights and turning up the music.
            i enjoy walking barefoot in the rain… just because i can.
                i appreciate friends who stop for conversation… no matter how tired they are.
                    and i am glad for friends who like to give hugs.
                        i am excited when i think about having a camera in hand.   … i really must get out more.
                            i’m looking forward to the many small details of the weekend.  upcoming prospects keep me in anticipation…
                                 a bird woke me up this morning.  he sounded quite angelic.  i appreciated the gentle breeze coming through the window…

still waiting on a good thunderstorm…
    perhaps for now i shall brush the homework aside… and throw a blanket around my shoulders and stick my nose between the pages of my latest book…

this is going to be a good weekend.


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3 responses to “2006/ 03-31

  • Anonymous

    umm… me + you =  beautiful time
    hehehe… and yes today is pretty much amazing.  I looked like an idiot running in the rain, but it was just SOOOOO soothing I couldn’t help myself. 
    OH, I almost forgot.  I did lunch with Jos today and he told me the story of dropping you off at your dorm and his car dying.  :)  classic.  I love it.  I love you.  Ok, have a wonderful Friday! :) MWA!

  • Officiare

    fine with me. we will gather up a crew for sure!

  • joshall

    the story I told brittany is one I like to forget :) or at least try to… but whats life if you can’t be embarassed?

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