2006/ 04-02

saturday night church with a great friend.  always blesses my heart.
stupid movie and oh-so-wonderful food from panera equals lots of laughter.  (“forgivenesssss…”)
great late-night conversations with two amazing friends.  and lots of m&m’s and squealing well after curfew.
midnight phone calls to say happy birthday.
interrupted phone call with another oh-so-amazing phone call from one of my bestest.

10 hours of sleep…

  :: edit :: 10:57 pm ::

      oh gosh, this thunder soothes my soul…
      dimming the lights and listening to a little sonya kitchell.
      my night couldn’t be any more lovely.
      ( and i’m definitely going out to get this cd on tuesday… )
  :: end edit ::

  :: edit :: 12:31 pm ::
      i played in the rain.  there is nothing more refreshing than standing still while the rain pours over your skin…
      eben caught a toad.  a big one.  (no… huge.)  i kissed the toad.  we didn’t name it.  eben let my prince go…
      i was barefoot.  my feet are still numb…  i did manage to peel the dripping clothes off and they’re now in the dryer.
      it’s nights like these that make my soul smile…
               catching raindrops in my hand…  i would die in ecstasy….
  :: end edit ::

  :: edit :: 12:50 pm ::
      <– i love this picture.
      and i love listening to norah jones in the dimness of the night.
            and i’m feeling the same way all over again… singing the same lines all over again…
  :: end edit ::


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