2006/ 04-09

lightning.  tornadoes.  heavy traffic.
adventures in odyssey.  loud music.  talking to jordan.
finding my sister.  maggie moo’s.  caffeine cafe.
the blow dart game (enough said).
late night dance party.  “i ain’t no hollerback girl.”
afternoon cookouts.  hamburgers and charcoal.
frisbee and laughter.  shadows and pictures.
playing clue.  buying new shoes.  starbucks.
entertaining thoughts of getting married.
notes on windshields.  heated seats.
smelling like hookah smoke.  arguments in parking lots.
being told i look 24… all priceless.

i enjoy nashville.  my sister.  and her friends.

:: edit :: 12:31 am ::
    i am glad to be back and standing in my hallway late at night, laughing with some of my favorite people…
    and… i make myself laugh.  for no apparent reason.  (why am i not sleeping?)
:: end edit ::

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