2006/ 04-11

    i like swings.  and ice cream.  and long evening walks.
    and conversations with a good friend.  and puppies.
    and dreams of days to come…
    i like turning up my music and just dancing like no one’s watching.
    sometimes i wish i had a soundtrack for my life…

    some days you gotta dance! 

    so shine on, shine on, shine on me…

    all i’m askin’ for is… just a little respect… !

    i thank God for the friends right in front of me.
    i’m so excited about days to come…
    next year just keeps looking more and more exciting… ::grin::

    :: note to self ::  … i must buy construction paper!!


p.s. — i’m in the mood for the thunderstorms.

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5 responses to “2006/ 04-11

  • Anonymous

    if they didn’t put it on yummy strawberried we wouldn’t eat so much of it =)

  • Anonymous

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    psstt … hi.
    i miss you … and i just saw you hah!
    you’re sweet
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  • skaterpunk64

    I dont know why you wouldnt because im not going anywhere and i dont think that they are going to york this year. so we should be able to see you sometime this weekend.

  • RCCV

    the thunderstorms have been great the past couple days!  have a good easter!

  • nelli_marie

    we do have a soundtrack for our lives…it’s all the music that we love and reminds us of particular moments in history. quite wonderful.

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