2006/ 04-19

my throat is itchy.
i keep sneezing.
my head is stuffy.
i keep blowing my nose.
my eyes are watering.

but besides that… today is just gorgeous!!
holy is the Lord… o praise Him !

<– hey look!  new picture.

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9 responses to “2006/ 04-19

  • DJEC

    Never! I think I have the perfect look for my xanga now. It shall stay this way for all of eternity.

  • zip32886

    I really really really really like what your cousin wrote… honestly, it hit home and made me realize way too often what I strive to be, what I think I need to be, is a completely warped image of what a woman of God is.  haha tell you’re cousin I like her work ;)

  • northerngirlxox

    yeah…i think the prime time to have a golden birthday is from the age of 16 to about 25…..there’s only a 9 year period where you can really enjoy it… have a good day!

  • Anonymous

    i saw your comment on Daniel’s site. i live with him in the dorms here at CIU. i just wanted to let you know that you have the same name as my girlfriend, except her middle name is spelled Lynn. She doesn’t really like it. your page is inspiring. have a great day

  • Anonymous

    pretty picture.

  • bridanburns

    hope you’re feeling better. i didn’t notice last night. your hair is getting so long!

  • nelli_marie

    i have thunderstorms…SUCH monterous thunder it’s awesome.. we saw the rain come and go…remember just like that one time in reading..how we saw the sheet of rain come. yea cool.

  • swtpinky1

    omg, that was sooo encouraging, i seriously cried..

  • swtpinky1

    haha…funny funny girl!! what your cuz wrote silly girlll :)….ps- you saw me today and i saw you..o wait, no that was yesterday..i was the one with the soda and the other girl i was with slapped it out my hand cuz i cant have it :(…but i didnt say hi cuz i chickened out again lol

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