2006/ 04-23 b

do you ever doubt yourself… who you are?

as i walked beside my shadow this evening, i noticed something about myself.
i don’t like to always walk on the path set before me.
sure… there’s a sidewalk leading right to my door, but why can’t i cut across the pavement or walk through the grass?
i like to walk through the grass.


i shiver slightly as i slowly let my papers fall from my hand.
i fold up my notes from this morning and slip them between the fading pages of my Bible…
the blinds beside my head are slowly swaying back and forth in the slight breeze of the night.
as i turn my head, my thoughts drift to my favorite sweatpants laying across my bed…
which is exactly where i want to be.

p.s. – i’m in the mood for an old school game of memory…

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