2006/ 04-23 a

< i was proud of eben for looking sweet with me when he wanted to be wearing sweatpants… >

elliv was great tonight.  i’ll say, i think i liked last year better in some ways…
  but that just gives me all the more to look forward to next year, right?

i love my friends.  more pics on facebook.  check ’em out.

   sitting in the dark, chillin’ and talkin’ after elliv…
<kim>  anyone want more chips?
<me>  nah, i can’t ‘cuz i told eben i could eat only one.
<eben>  only chuck norris can eat only one.
   slight pause.
<me>  well then, call me chuck norris.
   another slight pause.
<eben>  … that comment just made you more attractive.


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