2006/ 04-25

i’m so tired of my schoolwork.  make it go away.  make it go away!!
next week i’ll be packing up my stuff and leaving.  how unreal

my roommate and i created our own language today.
and my head is pounding.  p.s. – scrubs makes me laugh.

p.s.s. – this is my math homework:
       Written Project #3 explores the amazing behaviour of the logistic growth model in more detail and considers the implications
        of the model for an ecologist or conservationist interested in preserving the fish population in Cedar Lake.
       In particular, you will investigate the dependence of the population of fish in Cedar Lake on the initial population, as well as the growth parameter “r”.
   ugh.  what in the frickin’ world?  math homework my butt.  math shouldn’t be allowed to have paper assignments…
   how annoying.

i came along, i wrote a song for you… and all the things you do.
and it was called ‘yellow’ . . .

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