2006/ 04-30

   so did anyone else know there was a quizno’s in beavercreek?!!
   i discovered it right before i found the tropical smoothie cafe …  mmm.
   today’s a good day.


   < —-
   so i took this picture the other day when i went for a hike by myself…
   i “stitched” together a few photos i had taken.
   i really like how it turned out.


   my room looks oddly empty.  i don’t like it.  and i can’t stand all of the clutter.
   soon home… soon home…  (but how to get all of my stuff there… that is the question!)


   p.s. – i think the turtles like my music.
     (oh, and it’s kind of entertaining to turn on my pirates of the caribbean soundtrack and watch the turtles try and crawl their way out of their cage…)


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