2006/ 05-03

one more exam to go (tomorrow).  a paper to write (this afternoon).
packing up my entire room in my car… kind of crazy.
it’s weird to think that today is kind of my last day on campus…
i’m glad that tomorrow night i’ll be sleeping in my bed at home.

watching the news right now.  and possibly attempting to write this paper.
i can’t believe i’m up before 9am.  hmm.

:: edit :: 5:15pm ::
     my room is frighteningly empty…
     i think i’m going to try writing my paper at panera tonight.  we’ll see how that goes.
:: end edit ::

:: edit :: 12:12am ::
     my head hurts soooo bad right now.
     … three more pages to go.
:: end edit ::

i’ve got this feeling in my soul… love burns brighter than sunshine…
it’s brighter than sunshine…
     good times gonna come.  let it float away on the breeze.


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