2006/ 05-08

i like summertime.  and i really like my friends.
this looks like it should be a band photo.
… let’s go to blockbuster barefoot more often.  too funny.
“do the raptor thing!” … “steve, watch out!”
i love that we watched a random movie OUTSIDE.  that was great…

“this man was badly beamed !”


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10 responses to “2006/ 05-08

  • shelbell22

    hahahahahaha….. wow.  that was awesome.

  • shelbell22

    haha, i know! i was like… whoa, weird, that was just in my head yesterday!

  • mewmewmewmewmewBANG

    how about coffee friday morning? with shelly. i want to go to the best coffee house in lacaster county.we’ll talk about what we like, and don’t like.we can bond over being baristas.

  • Anonymous

    so i saw your pictures and your turtle is pretty cute :)
    hope you’re doing good in PA

  • shelbell22

    hahaha…. well, this is confusing…….  i already invited johnny…. whoops! since he’s leaving for Iraq soon and all. is that ok w/ u 2 or should we resched him?  i want steve to come too in that case that we all go together.

  • CrAzY_LeGs_13

    No I dont mind the random comment at all, in fact I think Its awsome. I guess “fitting in” was the wrong phrase to use. I mean will I get to be as “happy” and have such an awsome time learning about god and meating new people as I would hope to. Yea I guess your right about how it will be what I make it. And ill be doing alot of praying about it, but Its something I am thinking about doing. It all depends on how everything plays out with this radiology program and the Kicks tryout. Also I am not sure how I would do knowing that there is nothing in ohio, Like at all. Haha.  But I guess thats when you learn to make your own fun.

  • CrAzY_LeGs_13

    Yea there some tough ones to make, but Im just asking God to make them for me.  By the way, your taste in music and yoru photos are awsome, Well I like them at least. Ive looked at your page before but I never commented Because I figured you would be like “who the Heak?”  What are you majoring in at cederville

  • zip32886

    is that the random movie?  because ive definitely heard of it and seen it… bizarre movie, to say the least

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