2006/ 05-13

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          waiting to find the key.                          jon hayden.                             my bestest.                         what next?                    we have so many memories.

yesterday was one of the most unintentional days i’ve ever had. 
after breakfast at oregon dairy, i made a cheesecake with the dear jon hayden… which was a joy.

… but i also hung out with someone else i had never imagined i would sit down and converse with.
it was crazy, really.  this lady is wise beyond her years and i admire her strong heart, her love-filled passion, and the way she’s raising her kids…
after yesterday, i feel as though i understand my life now.  not really life in general… but my life.
i guess i really understand why things happened the way they did now.  i didn’t really get any answers yesterday…
but i think that’s why i understand it now.  i guess i can just really see God’s hand somewhere in the midst of all my painful memories…
and rather than bitterness, i just have a sense of hope.  does that make sense?  to be honest, i don’t always have a sense of hope…
i’m realizing sometimes i learn the most when people ask questions and there are no real answers.  i loved just talking yesterday. 
     no answers.  no expectations.  just heart to heart conversation.

i’m thrilled about next week.  i can’t wait to start building relationships in australia… and i know it’s going to be hard to come back home.
and jon… i’m excited about your ministry.  i’ll be thinking about you and praying for you often.  you’re going to do big things, i know it.

packing.  sigh.  if i pack tonight i won’t feel so stressed tomorrow, right?
let’s hope.

i still need lots of financial support for this trip.  giving it up in prayer is easy… but having consistent faith is a bit harder.
… i know God is taking care of all… but if you think of it… i’d appreciate prayer.  (or money…)


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5 responses to “2006/ 05-13

  • Anonymous

    i’m packing today too :) when do you leave to go to Cedarville? i leave tomorrow night! and when do you leave for Sdyney? (by the way… i’m naming one of my children that hah)
    yay for MIS! woot woot!

  • Anonymous

    Yay summertime pictures. I miss you. I can’t wait to get together after Australia. I’ll get to hear all about it, look at all your photos, and then take some more with you. yay! Maybe by then i’ll have a job and I can take you out to ice cream. ::smile::I’ll miss you, but have a blast. I know you will. I’ll be praying for you. Please don’t get lost among the kangaroos.

  • CrAzY_LeGs_13

    Well I really dont have any money to give although Id love to. But I will pray as much as possible. Hope everything goes well and safe, cant wait to see those picutres. Good luck and have tons on fun.

  • Anonymous


  • shelbell22

    yay for pictures and crazy friends ………. and Oregon Dairy’s chocolate milk

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