2006/ 05-16

. Pre – Australia No. 1 .

these days are keeping me busy.  we started practiced as soon as we all arrived back on campus last night.  little sleep and early mornings aren’t the most pleasant thing, either.  but we’re all getting more excited as each day progresses!  practices are going well, and by tomorrow night we should sound really put-together.  my excitement is high.

during our meeting last night, brian briefed us on our first week in sydney.  jet lag is going to be an interesting experience after a fourteen hour flight (and losing a day) and then not being allowed to sleep!  but i’m so excited about host homes!  kaitlin and i are staying with a family the first week with three kids.  we’re not sure how old the kids are, though.  i must say, i’m really looking forward to building relationships with these families.

and of course, we’re also going to do some sight-seeing.  which means, if i’m really lucky, i’ll get to hold a koala.
and maybe stand by a kangaroo.  we’ll see about that.
i know we’re going to drive the great ocean road (or whatever it is) and we’re going to visit the Three Sisters
and take a ferry around the Sydney Opera House.

today our team building consisted of climbing the rock wall.  one of my favorites.

this is myself and leslie.  i made it to the top my first try today.  my forearms hurt.  it feels good.
oh, and our team leaders brian and his wife danielle showed up to rock climbing to inform us that there’s now 18 people going on this trip…
they’re having a baby!!!  yay!  so happy for them.

alright, well, i don’t have much time before dinner… and then practice… and then a meeting… and then sleeping for another long day tomorrow!
if you’ve been praying… please keep praying for finances.  i still have a lot of support to raise.
i’ll try and keep you all updated as much as possible…
email me if you want my email updates that i’m going to try and send.
and also check out our team website.

much love.

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