2006/ 05-18

. Pre – Australia No. 2 .

well, we leave today!  it’s crazy to think that we leave today… but don’t arrive in australia until saturday.
practices have been going well… today we’re just packing everything up and heading off to the airport really early.

it’s hard to articulate my excitement.  i love this team of people and i’m so excited to build relationships there.
and even more excited about the relationships i’ll be building with australians that i meet!

again, i’ll try and keep you as updated as possible…
prayer requests today:
please, please keep praying for finances!!
and safe travel… and that all of our luggage stays with us!
energy… traveling and jet lag is going to be crazy.  i need energy.  and selflessness.
thank you for all of the prayers!!


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2 responses to “2006/ 05-18

  • Anonymous

    dear, you know i love you.  you know you have my prayers.  you know that if you get to stand by a kangaroo you’d better have a picture taken and send it to me or i’ll have to beat you up.  you also know that i can’t wait for coffee in springfield hiding on our new mystery campus.  :)  
    have fun!  i miss you.
    much love

  • Anonymous


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