2006/ 05-21

. Australia, Day No. 2  .  And it’s Sunday afternoon! .

it’s so crazy to think that for you all it’s 2am and you are all (or mostly) sleeping and preparing to wake up for Sunday morning…
‘cuz i’m already half way into my Sunday!

Aussie is just absolutely gorgeous.  there’s really no other word to describe it.
Kaitlin and I are staying with the Thompsons who have three children who are really neat kids.  so far i’ve only felt completely at home here with the Thompsons.  I’m kind of sad that i’m only spending a week with them.
oh… and we actually have a bathroom!  (haha, let me explain…)  in australia usually there is a bathroom… and a toilet.  if you ask for the bathroom you are directed to the room with a sink and a shower or tub.  but no toilet.  if you need to use the toilet, you have to go to a seperate room.  but, kaitlin and i actually have a nice big “american” bathroom to share!!  crazy, i know, but it makes me smile.

we’ve been keeping busy so far, and jet lag hasn’t been as bad as i’ve expected.  which is nice.  but i feel like i could really use a nap right now.  it’s almost four in the afternoon, and we have to be back at the church in a half-hour to meet one of the pastors and then we’re doing a really upbeat, kind of youth service tonight that some families and a lot of youth come to.  should be fun.

this is a church we sang in today!  really small but gorgeous!

alright, well, i currently have a beautiful burmese cat on my lap, and it’s kind of hard to type
i’ll try and write more later!!
thank you for all of your prayers!

oh!  speaking of prayers… both of my zippers are broken on my large suitcase now.  go figure.  and it’s only the first week.  and it’s not just that the pulley thing came out… it’s broken off so that there’s no hole for a hook.  and the base of the zippers seem to be discinigrating altogether.  it’s weird.  oh, and the fabric is tearing away from the zipper.   soooo… i might need to buy a new suitcase.  but i don’t know yet what to do about it.  so please keep that in your prayers!

tomorrow is some sight-seeing, so that will be enjoyable.
continue praying for energy and an open heart.  i’ve been meeting so many amazing people and have had some GREAT conversations so far!  these people just make my heart smile.

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4 responses to “2006/ 05-21

  • mattb703

    I’ve performed in there before too.
    That was one of my favorite churches to sing to. I love Dural Anglican. Give David a HUGE hug for me. I love him so much, he’s such an awesome guy and one of the guys who encouraged me to change my major. Also, tell Shannon and Tim hi for me too! I love them all a lot. Really, HUG HUG HUG David.

  • shelbell22

    yay that’s awesome! i’m glad it’s going great so far… i’m praying for you girl   and for your suitcase!

  • Anonymous

    hi~i m yoie who is come from HK, i saw ur pic feel you are pretty girl,haa~ the church is so awesome ~

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like you’re having fun! I’m glad you got there safe. Sounds beautiful!! :)

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