2006/ 05-22

.  Sydney, Australia  .  Day No. 3  .
Monday, May 22  ::  10:06 pm


Today was just gorgeous!  We spent the day touring Sydney, which is pretty much the most beautiful city I have ever been in.
I would love to live here someday.

We first stopped at The Rocks and walked past many pubs.  Took a walk around Circular Quay and got lots of pictures of the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.
We had lunch outside of the Opera House…
IMG_0272_contrast_compress50.jpg       IMG_0274_contrast_compress50.jpg
and then took a tour inside.  We heard the end of the symphony practice, and then we got to stand and sing in the Opera Theater… what an experience!
After that we did a lot of walking, and made went up the Sydney Tower, where I got the beautiful panoramic view of the city.
Then we took our bus over to China Town for some amazing chinese for dinner.

Australia is beautiful… and tomorrow is going to be a busy day.  I’m excited.
Thank you for your continued prayers… energy and health are the biggest requests right now!  We all need our voices strong and healthy!


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