2006/ 06-06

. Melbourne, Australia .
Tuesday, June 6th :: 9:47 pm

so i never realized how truly “australian” Finding Nemo was until i watched it again after having visited this country…
“goodonya, mate!” haha.

we flew down to Melbourne area yesterday, which is much further south than Sydney. i’ll be staying in Geelong for this week, which is pretty much as far south as i can go on this side of the country without being in “the bush”. the landscape down here is just incredibly gorgeous. today the Lancasters (my host family) took Sara, Brietta, and I out to a local golf course where there are just dozens and dozens of kangaroos chillin’ out on the golf courses! i have some great pictures. they are just precious. but we didn’t dare get too near… because then they can be not-so-precious. Then we went out for some amazing pizza this evening, which is some of the best i’ve had since being in the country, by far.

huge prayer request… my right ear has REALLY been bothering me. i thought it was just ear wax build-up (gross, i know), and i think that might be how it started out, but i have a feeling i started to clean it out improperly, and might have just made things worse. so to keep things short… my ear is in a lot of pain, not all the time, but i can’t hear at all, and that means i can’t really sing. so pray that it clears up / goes away really soon.

i’m overall extremely excited about all of our opportunities this week, and i’m in high spirits… but this whole ear thing is a huge distraction (stupid devil) and i’m afraid it’s going to make this week somewhat difficult for me. other than that, things are going well. we’ll be keeping fairly busy this week, and thursday we’ll travel down the Great Ocean Road (woohoo!) and there will be plenty of pictures that day, too!

hope y’all are doing well… leave lots of comments. they’re encouraging.

oh, p.s. – i ate “flake and chips” for lunch today. a.k.a…. shark. ::grin::

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7 responses to “2006/ 06-06

  • pemshere

    yay for geelong!!booo for the ear tho.cuz as i said earlier..we need our ears, they are pretty cool :)thought i would leave you a comment even tho you live down the hallyay!! :)

  • shelbell22

    hey babe! I’m glad to hear from ya again here…. glad things are going well and that you’re learning and experiencing so much! I’ll definitely pray for your ear, because that’s no fun at all. I miss you and I can’t wait to see these pictures! P.S. That’s funny that your host fam’s name is Lancaster. haha. how ironic. I’ve heard of someone w. that last name, i just don’t remember where……… anyway, I love you!!!!!!

  • abe55ffa

    Hey Jen! For that ear…if you can take some ibuprofen or aspirin (not both and not tylenol) and put a warm (almost hot) compress on your ear that should help clear it up..but if it’s infected you will need antibiotics or God :) and you’ll def get a prayer from me.
    Your nursing bro,

  • hahacheerleader

    please say that you can stay a day in LA and drive happily with me by the sea

  • Anonymous

    aw I’m sorry about your ear darlin’. I hope that gets better real fast. I miss you lots. Ashley and Taylor were here this week, but they actually leave today, and then I will be starting two jobs. I’ll be busy, which is good, but I miss having friends here. We also openned our pool, so you might just have to come over and dip with me when you get home. I’ll be needing some company by then, i’m sure. By the way, when do you get home?

  • Anonymous

    1st, greetings from the U.S.
    2ndly, I’ll be praying. I hope your ear feels better and SOON!
    Thats so cool you ate shark. Not many people accomplish that in their lifetime, especially in another country!

  • Anonymous

    I have a theory on eating flake; I would rather be eating the shark, than the shark eating me :)
    It actually turned out to be my year book quote in high school.
    Praying for that pesky ear of yours.

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