2006/ 06-13

. Melbourne, Australia .
Tuesday, June 13th  ::  4:41 pm

Australia is just gorgeous.  I think I could seriously live here.  I want to live in Melbourne city.  In a sweet apartment along the beach.  Within walking distance of the city.  And during my lunch breaks I would sit at a cafe along the Yarra River right downtown and comtemplate the thoughts drifting through my head.  And I would write them down in a journal that would rarely ever leave my side.

Have I mentioned that Australia is gorgeous?  A bit cold, but gorgeous, nevertheless.  I’m slowly starting to miss home.  I miss my family heaps… and I miss my closest friends.  The church we are working with this week has the largest percentage of younger adults, which is a welcome change.  I miss the other churches greatly, though.  It’s funny how close you can get to complete strangers just within a week.  I truly feel as though I have become a small part of each of the families I have stayed with, and it’s been hard leaving each of them.

Oh, but back on track… the people that I’ve met at Suburban so far are just so much fun.  Last Saturday our team went to Suburban for a training day for camp, which is coming up next week.  It was so obvious how excited everyone was for camp… and I can already tell God is going to do some HUGE things next week.  LF8r (elevator) camp is a winter camp for years 7-12… and oh my goodness, there’s just so many great ideas and concepts, games and other things that i’m storing inside my head somewhere and definitely bringing back home with me!  I just love kids, though, i guess, which makes a huge difference… the idea of being back at camp and being a leader again is almost overwhelming… I’m SO excited about it.  goodness.

Tomorrow we’re heading out to Ballarat overnight, and we’ll be sightseeing at a wildlife park, so I’m excited about that.  Koalas and kangas, anyone???  … ::grin::

Life needs a soundtrack.  I love music…


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