2006/ 06-15

. Melbourne, Australia .
Thursday, June 15th  ::  6:00 pm

This morning we had the opportunity to hold two “performances” at a state school (public school) in Ballarat.  I must say, I felt an “air” of discouragement on our busride to the school this morning.  Quite a few of our team members are really sick with head colds and the sort… but I knew we were meant to sing here today.  I don’t know why, but even through my own slight discouragement, I knew we were meant to be there.  I forgot about that, though, when I walked in.  We were singing in a large room without our sound equipment, and it was going to be hard for the students to hear us.  And they were Yr. 7 and Yr. 8 students… not exactly the easiest age groups to associate with.  Anyway, with voices strained, we got through the two “performances” for their assemblies, and after the group of Yr. 8s, we were able to stand around and talk to some of them for a bit.  I remember just standing there talking to one of my own team members, and literally being attacked with an oncoming hug from one of the high school girls.  I laughed, not knowing what was going on, but loving hugs, I was quite encouraged.  I asked her about her name, etc…. and then she asked me about my religious denomination (if I was Presbyterian, etc.) and I tried to explain that I didn’t really have a certain affiliation, I just believed the Bible and loved Jesus.  She made sure to note that she believed in God, and even mentioned that she knew some of the songs that we were singing.  And then she asked a question that literally blew me away… “How do you know God is real?”  (WOW!)  Lord, why didn’t I have words??  Why was I not READY with an answer?!  It honestly was really hard for me to not blurt out “I don’t know… actually, I’ve been struggling with that question some myself lately.”  Not that I’m questioning whether God exists, but HOW do I know He is real?  What in my life, what around me, is pointing clearly to the REALITY of God??  Anyway, this lovely girl proceeds to tell me that she was actually praying last night, telling me that she’s been through a lot in her life, and she was even crying last night while praying, but that she was asking God for some kind of sign.  And then she got really excited, and went on to say that it was so encouraging to have us sing in their assembly today!  My heart just stopped beating and started beating faster all at the same time.  I had my picture taken with her via her camera phone, and then thinking quickly, I asked her if I could put my email address in her phone and if she would email me.  She’s searching, I can just feel it.  I don’t know why I feel it, but I do, and I want to be able to encourage her more, and help her find answers.  Not more than a minute later, I was being ushered out of the room by the rest of my team.  But as I said my hurried goodbyes to the group of girls around me, I ushered a few quiet words to my new friend, encouraging her to “keep praying.”  She looked back at me with a strong and joyous “I will.”

I’ve already received an email from her this evening.  ::grin::  Praise the Lord.  She’s asked for strength, and asked me to keep praying for her.  Which I will.  I’ll refer to her as “T”… please please please keep her in your prayers.  Through all of our discouragement this morning at a state school that won’t allow preaching, but would allow us to sing… God used our songs and our laughter today to reach out and encourage one fifteen year old.  ::smiles::

So… how do you know God is real???


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3 responses to “2006/ 06-15

  • Anonymous

    Tell her to look at what’s around her. God’s reality and divinity is seen all throughout creation! He makes everything grow, etc. There’s a verse about that. Amazing story, Jen. God is doing great things there through you.

  • pemshere

    that is awesome. i will try to remember t in my prayers.that is why i love music, you dont have to preach with just words, you can sing and a strong message can be put across to encourage someone. thats awesome.♥see you monday!

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