2006/ 06-25

bittersweet.  once again… i’ve left my heart behind.
there’s so many people i didn’t have a chance to say ‘farewell’ to… i didn’t spend enough time at suburban.
there are people there that i now call my friends.  i’d like to say i’m going to miss them.  i think i will.
i think most heart-wrenching of all… is knowing that there is so much potential for amazing relationships there… but that God sent me home.

so i guess i don’t want to be home right now.  i want to be building those relationships.
making new friends.
perhaps it’s just a slight push to a recognition of needing to return

Aussie242_auto_contrast_compress60.jpg  Aussie212_contrast_compress60.jpg
Aussie204_contrast_compress60.jpg  Aussie199_contrast_crop_compress60.jpg
Aussie206_contrast_compress60.jpg  Aussie192_contrast_compress60.jpg
   Aussie162_crop_compress60.jpg  Aussie176_contrast_compress60.jpg
Aussie136_auto_contrast_compress60.jpg  Aussie139_auto_contrast_compress60.jpg
Aussie130_contrast_compress60.jpg  Aussie123_contrast_compress60.jpg
    Aussie114_crop_compress60.jpg  Aussie041_contrast_compress60.jpg

i don’t have my luggage.  the airport is going to bring it to my house tomorrow.  so they say.
my hair is styled much differently now.  thank you tiff.
Muse kept me entertained musically most of the way home.  it was hard not to cry.  the flights were long.


i will dance now… for it is summertime.


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4 responses to “2006/ 06-25

  • mindyourstep

    so true…   tis bitter sweet.
    At least you didnt fly away empty handed. You took a little bit of us with you.   :)   its corny, i know. but its true. haha

  • pemshere

    yeah i miss you too. and sexy hair by the way, you were beating the bos away before, and now there is no hope. haha. but no rally it looks nice. that photo of you and mark is great!!so is the whole airport bringing your luggage to you tomorrow, or just a rep???♥p.s. i have decided i love technology, because i suck at letter writing, so this is so much better!

  • tucker13

    welcome back!! glad you guys made it back safely :)

  • PurVida

    i’m glad you had a great time in aussie.  it really is a beauitful place.  the only thing that wouldn’t be a pro is that it’s so hot on christmas.  i just want to be able to distinguish my seasons.  but it is a GORGEOUS place.  great people too – so friendly. :)

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