2006/ 06-26

i’ve decided… you only find what you are looking for.  why do we complain so much?  i was annoyed to see that the message of authentic living only brought about so many complaints… and very little natural love… very little authentic encouragement… only natural selfishness.  i see it in my life so often… but i have a hard time watching it fleshed out in others.  i hate hypocrisy.  i hate watching one thing said… and another done.  that is all.

there was some sense of comfort, flying back into your own country.  in so many ways… this is home.  but in other ways… it’s not my home anymore.  i think i didn’t miss home much these past weeks because i know it won’t forever be my home.  no matter where i go… i only have one true home. 
heaven will be glorious.

one of the best things about being home = my sister and our friends
      (and sonic and walmart)



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5 responses to “2006/ 06-26

  • mindyourstep

    there is nothing worse than saying that you dislike something and then discovering that you are doing that exact thing. Stupid human nature!
    Glad your home in one piece   :D

  • pemshere

    yeah i fuly get what you meani think (i am most probably wrong) that most americans are waiting for or looking for the pay outs from aussies, mainly because that is how aussies deal with things, making light of something that others wouldnt. but at te same time, it isnt “americans” that are only loud, incase they didnt realise aussies are super loud, but not all out spoken? i dont really know, i am just speaking what came to my mind about what you wrote, even thought it might not make sense, it does in my head..haha. oh well. you win some you loose some.but it is something reassuring about when you are gone for any period of time, in another country, it is nice to get home in your own counrty. even if it doesnt feel like home anymore. butWHO COULD GET TIRED OF AUSTRALIA??!?! we are awesome…hahalove you lots sister!lovin the sexy hair

  • Anonymous

    your hair’s super cute, love. i leave for NY on Friday and return the following Wednesday.

  • pemshere

    that video is awesome.♥

  • mindyourstep

    man that made me smile. very worthy of a giggle.
    ”beware of the people in blue!”  (hehehe)

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