2006/ 06-30

it’s rather mystical, really.  the way the warm summer breeze flutters in-between the folds of the blankets…
draped across that narrow, sheer green piece of cable connecting the house to the garage.
i stand in the silence for just a moment…
one deep breath of warm air through my nose and the scent of freshly cut grass takes me by surprise.
i notice the picture-perfect brightness of the flowers gathered along the edge of the garage come alive while the crystal blue sky cautions as though to put me on cloud nine.  my toes move through the grass to the hot sidewalk and across the stones which bother my tender feet ever so slightly.
i make my way to my favorite spot… you know, that spot where i can take anything and everything, yet be there with nothing.
peace.  bliss.  quiet.  soulful.
that spot right beneath the majesty of the tree that seems to threaten with years of wisdom yet portrays the gentleness of a new-born child.
here, in this moment, i can rid my mind of all thoughts and just… be… me.
for a brief second it seems as though all time has stopped and there are no cares in the world.
i like this place.  this serene spot of comfort.
i lay my head back against the tree, chin tilted upwards and stretch my feet straight in front of me.
all is quiet and i am able to listen… and listen intently.

in the next moment i find myself placing my hands on the grass beside me, taking a push upwards and rising to my feet.
slowly i make my way back through the grass and across the small stream of stones towards the house.
i hear dave matthews and his band beckoning me from indoors –
the buzz of the dryer reminding me that there is still more to accomplish on this beautiful summer day.

but there’s no questioning that all… all is already accomplished…
as i’ve been able to sit in the beauty of my Creator’s tender gentleness for even but a moment today.


i have a lot to do today.

i’ve already burnt one bagel (charcoaled, really) … toasted another … emptied a cup of coffee …
and laughed with several friends on the other side of the world.
today will be a successful day.

i could spend hours lost in a library.  i love it.  books are so mysterious and captivating…
i love the smells and visuals of freshly washed laundry blowing in a warm summer breeze.
summer is so serene…

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