2006/ 07-09

it’s hailing.  in july.
 ( oh, but i do love summer storms. )

i’ve realized this weekend that i have the best friends in the world…
 ( and i love the beach. )

my sister says that i should write more.  she likes how i write.
… i need a job.  ( but i’d rather be in australia. )

p.s. — the new pirates movie is decent.  especially watching it while sitting on the beach…

::edit::  i love coffeehouses.  ( and i miss working in one )


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10 responses to “2006/ 07-09

  • Anonymous

    i can’t wait to see the new movie. we just watched the first one last night as a prequel. :)

  • bridanburns

    how’d you swing watching pirates sitting on a beach? sounds ideal to me.

  • mindyourstep

    agreement… i also think you should write more.and i saw the new pirates movie and was very unimpressed… it really didnt do much for me. it was just another movie. Although I have my money on number 3 being rather SHWEET!Ive missed you latley. Be online soon so we can chat… deal?

  • Shexy

    I like your ferris wheel, a lot.:)

  • Shexy

    I need a photo for a website that me and a team are in the process of building, its a music site, if you happen to have one that we could use, we will give you full credit for it and everything. Just something generic and music themed.
    : )

  • pemshere

    i love reading your posts too.the way you write sucks me in and makes me feel like i lived it? sounds cheesy, but i didnt know how to write it otherwise.yeah i liked the new pirates but i wasnt super impressed, like amy i have a feeling that the third one will be AWESOME and this was just the linker, so make it all work? i dunno. i am excited for the 3rd one to come out. and i think i need to go see the second one again to let it all sink/soak in..thats just how i am with some movies.

  • Anonymous

    he he he, hope you liked our small convo today!

  • Anonymous

    I miss you..

  • Anonymous

    It hailed by me yesterday afternoon as well! Where do you live, Jen?
    I hope summer is treating you superbly and that you’re doing better than well!

  • tonjent

    Jen – you would have LOVED it! I can just picture you going crazy with that camera…
    Luv Jenn

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