2006/ 12-21

winter solstice.
today is the shortest day and longest night.
apparently the solstice actually occurs at 7:22pm.

my little sister has a choral concert tonight.
i bought her flowers.  i remember how i always wished i got flowers after a show.

i like the food network.
now i’m in the mood to cook.  right now it’s chili with vegetables.  mm.

p.s. – i don’t like going to the dentist too much.  i’d prefer a massage.  anyone available? hah.
p.s.s. – i miss my best friend.  (if you’re reading this… call me!! *wink*)


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2 responses to “2006/ 12-21

  • seelye

    My neighbor dances naked around a fire for solstice. Not kidding. But it’s a different kind of dancing than I prefer- it’s this cross between the electric slide and one of those “my pants are on fire” kinds of dances.

  • Anonymous

    what?! matt pond has a christmas album … sigh. they ARE amazing!i’ve been watching the food network more lately myself. have you ever watched “The Iron Chef”? that is intense haha! :) by the looks of your photos it seems you had a beautiful time in New York! :)

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