2006/ 12-29

one morning was breakfast in bed.
this morning it is tea in bed.  i like that idea.
i enjoy hanging out with friends late into the night.
i do not enjoy a broken camera… ::sigh::
cracked and partially black screen.  it is a sad day.
i do not know why i cried so much over a thing.
i do not know why i let that affect my christmas.
i’m going to enjoy this time in bed this morning…
maybe watch a little somethin’ somethin’,
then head outside of this house and run some errands.
and i doubt i’ll be doing anything tonight since my life is basically boring
(which is fine with me because i’m finding ways to relax)
although some of this laziness doesn’t feel so relaxing.
so unless someone calls me, i’m sure i’ll be chilling here…
drinking my tea and watching tv…
maybe some knitting… maybe some sewing…
i can’t wait to live with jaclyn in a few weeks.
those are going to be good times.
p.s. – i think i’m in love with ray lamontagne.
or maybe just his voice.
colin hay has been soothing lately as well.
p.s.s. – i’m in the mood for some pavlova.  with lots of strawberries.
but perhaps i’ll settle for a late lunch of chinese.  that works too…
p.s.s.s. – (how many s’s am i allowed to have?)… i love a good pair of jeans.
there’s something so comforting about them.


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2 responses to “2006/ 12-29

  • seelye

    Wow Ray is incredible! Can I stay here with you? Just a question…Um listen to Mindy Smith sometime- or Corrine Bailey Rae. You’ll love them.

  • pemshere

    YUM! i love pav! it is the best! it is by far my fav dessert. next year when i come over, which by the way, tomorrow i can say this year, anyway when am there with you we wil make one..with lots of vanilla cream and STRAWBERRIES!!!!! YUM!! and some kiwi too, kiwi is aweome on it. i heart that too.i love a good pair of jeans.

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