2007/ 02-05


this picture represents all that is deep and lonely… aching to tell you what is really there, but frightened at what you may already know.
this is an image of those nights i drive alone with loud songs to scream at the top of my lungs as my only source of company.
and in this zero degree weather, i’ll take off my oversized coat and i’ll leave my shoes in the passenger seat while i sit comfortably and drive with barefeet…
i travel these darks roads, and take each sloping hill with determination, the darkness of what lies ahead too impenetrable for the highbeams.
and there are times these nights can never be shared… and perhaps no one will even understand the need for speed approaching every unknown curve…

but tonight i took time to scream my lungs out.
tonight i followed the moon.

:: i want to know what it’s like to be awkward and innocent… not belligerent. ::
:: the flavor of your lips is enough to keep me here. ::
:: so hum, hallelujah… ::

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