2007/ 02-18

today my sister and i went to the airport to greet my parents and little sister as they flew in from the philippines.
it was great to see their surprised faces, seeing as how they expected me to be in ohio.
i love those moments.

now they’re all extremely tired (considering as how it should be 8am tomorrow morning for them)
so i think nel and i might rent a movie and eat some ice cream tonight… have some sister bonding time while the others sleep.

i’ll be driving during the day tomorrow.
but ’till then…  sweet dreams?… ::grin::

:: edit :: 9:49 pm ::  i’m really in the mood to cuddle…


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2 responses to “2007/ 02-18

  • nelli_marie

    sorry…i didn’t make other plans, i just sorta fell asleep too. and i’m sorry that i was so grumpy.

  • mindyourstep

    I’m almost always in the mood for cuddles!And sibling bonding is dandy. My brother and I go for drives… ice-cream cant quite fill the void of blareing music, frozen hands hanging out of car windows and frightening the parents as we circle the neighbourhood, together, in his little car, without them!  lol.

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