2007/ 03-05

this morning i watched scooby doo and leave it to beaver.  they just don’t make cartoons like they used to.
i enjoy a slow morning curled up in the chair in my sweatpants… and a bowl of oatmeal.  ::grin::

i’m really looking forward to tonight.  it’s going to be one of the best in a long time.
mostly because i have the best girlfriends in the world and i’m so excited to spend an evening laughing with them.
they always take me back to days that make me laugh so hard… and spending time with them always reminds me how precious my Jesus is…
and how blessed i am to have such amazing friends.  these girls constantly remind me through their actions how much i am valued.

there will be many pictures.  no worries.

… now i’m off to get myself ready for an interview this afternoon.
i hope this goes well because as unexciting as the job is… i need the money this summer.

:: edit :: 2:30am ::

as promised…


:: end edit ::


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3 responses to “2007/ 03-05

  • ComeHome50

    You should come to camp : ) Spring Hill in Indy… It’s a blast.

  • Calvin_Darge

    What’s the job? Well good luck.

  • shelbell22

    Yes, I deleted my myspace. I was so fed up with all of the crappy, disrespectful and inappropriate pictures of women that everyone is forced to see…. so I disabled Mike’s too… although I can’t delete it because we can’t get into his e-mail account anymore, haha. We’ve been talking about it for a while, so, we did it. And I’m glad. It’s not like I need another thing to waste the time I don’t have. Yep.

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