2007/ 03-06

i got the call for interview number two…
this is a good thing.  means one less day in philly… but i’m looking forward to thursday.
this also means another day of lounging around the house, which will also be enjoyable.
… i love lounging.

it’s cold outside.  frigid.  and i don’t like how much groceries cost.

looking forward to tonight… spending the evening at my youth pastor’s house.  i love that place.
mostly, i love those people.

:: edit :: 4:13 am ::
such encouragement.  and wisdom.  yet heartache.  and struggles.  … i’m scared.
tonight was refreshing for my heart.  i respect certain people in my life and truly value their words.

i’ve been learning a lot lately… this sermon has meant a lot to my heart.  i wish everyone would hear and understand it.
these are just a few of my thoughts as of late.

i should be sleeping.  i’m going to be mad at myself later.
tonight’s another lonely night.  but not as hard some other nights…
:: end edit ::


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