2007/ 03-22

i have registered for my classes for next fall.  i’ll be honest, i’m kind of looking forward to it.
four classes.  adult ministry, philosophy, prison epistles, and psalms.
and there’s one other class that i need to take… but it’s disappeared and apparently can’t be found anywhere.
so i’m not sure what that means about me being able to graduate.  hmm.

i bought new curtains.  they came in the mail.  honestly, that was exciting.
they’re purple and now hanging in my room (although, barely hanging is more accurate… they’re a little too heavy for the light rod in the window.

speaking of exciting…
it thundered quite loudly on my way to class today.  i was in the bottom of the student center and let out an ecstatic “yessss
i got a few interesting looks from that.
haha.  and then i got drenched on the way to class.  and sitting in an air-conditioned room while wet… makes you cold.

ok.  i have to put jeans on and get ready to go to class and do some storytelling… with puppets.
this i’m not really excited about, even though it doesn’t sound extremely disinteresting.

and i’m not sure why i’ve written so much today, except that it seems to be a good day,
and less stressful than i thought it would be when i laid my head on my pillow last night.
and perhaps i’ve just been in a better mood since my cd came out of my car last night after several days of being stuck.
that of course, was joyous and unexpected.

clap your hands.  (say yeah!)
(… adequately titled.)
:: smirk ::


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