2007/ 03-23

. jack to the queen .

i really couldn’t describe it, honestly.
there are times when i wonder… but i rather enjoy the times when i don’t allow myself to think,
and just let the fun take over.

he could have asked any question and i would have had a witty reply paired with an even wittier grin.
if only the smirk on my face was visible to more than the pale blue glow that filled the room.
i sat in silence quite often.  there were times the strain on my back while hunched uncomfortably in this wooden chair would make itself quite obvious through dull pain in certain spots.  in frustration i would sit up straight, pretending as if the pain itself was just a small fly that needed to be batted away… unfortunately the fly came back after a short period of time.  this silence filled itself with the low sounds of ray lamontagne and damien rice with their serenading tones flowing from the speakers on the windowsill.  the hum of the small rotating fan graced the room with its light breeze, drawing in cooler air past the curtains through the open window.  the warmth of the room was still rather noticeable.

the room remained silent, but the orange blinking appeared at the bottom of the screen every so often.
a slow glance decides it must wait until the ten moves to the jack and onto the queen, which makes way for the six to move to the seven.  a slight move of the wrist and the orange blinking ceases and is replaced with several more cunning words that raise the level of interest in the moment.  there are times when i think about what i’m about to say, and knowing it possibly should be set aside rather than said… i decide that i would rather not allow myself to think, and just let the flirting take over.

this of course, brings one more wit-filled smirk that is lost in the pale blue glow of the midnight…


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