2007/ 03-28

tonight i made fruit salad for dinner.  i was somewhat impressed with my creativity.
and of course, quite impressed with the taste of my dinner.

… three hours was just not long enough for this conversation.  i easily could have lasted four more.
the sun literally set on my conversation this evening.  i must say that is quite enjoyable on a warm spring evening.
God makes me grin… and my heart is joyous.  and i wish so much everyone understood why.
if you care, i shall tell you.  i love to explain it.
and of course… i love good friends who love to talk about it.

i miss australia.  even though i arrived late, tonight i spent time with my dear ‘mates’ who traveled across seas with myself.
and i hadn’t realized how much i miss being over there… although, not in the same setting or atmosphere.
but i do want to go back… back to camp… back to shining LIGHT to others and just being real.
back to new relationships and opportunities for growth.
i can’t wait to be living out my passions for ministry.  i guess really that’ll be starting a year from now, after college.
too crazy.  i’m not sure i want to think about that.

… i apparently had no time-table tonight.  and i absolutely loved it.
i was late to my next thing on my list as well, but of course there was no structure for when i was to be in the hive…
so i arrived and quite enjoyed my conversations with more dear friends.
and loved taking a walk on a gorgeous spring-feels-like-summer night… just to have another wonderful conversation.

… now it is time to fall asleep, seeing as how my eyes are heavily drifting shut…


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2 responses to “2007/ 03-28

  • pemshere

    and australia misses youi miss having you here, but i think if you were here it would be good just to hang, not catch you in-between places.i am excited to see you in a couple months. i think that it will be fun. in fact i know that it will be fun! :)

  • nelli_marie

    who ate the arm, trevor or vincent? and i’m sorry i haven’t answeered when you call…my phon e is not usually on mme, and i have sorat been avoiding technologoy for the week while i’ve been home, and yes i know i can not spell but i’m sitting crooked and don’t reallhy care, and i get to see you in a week.

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