2007/ 04-02

life has been interesting lately, to say the least.  it all kind of turns upside down on you when you’re least expecting it.
i’m really ready to be home and stay home for a while.  i need life to move on and i need to step out of this small college world in which i’m living at the moment.
i’m ready to taste what else is out there and i need to be reminded what it is i want to do in life…
and i can’t wait to start stepping practically in that direction.

well i mean honestly, i don’t even know what direction that is.  and i don’t know what this means.
but i suppose that’s the exciting part.  to not have any idea what is going to happen in the days to come…
i don’t even know what’s going to happen tomorrow, let alone what will happen by the end of this summer.
life and it’s potential excites me.  i love it.  well, the potential that is… life at the moment could move on quickly if it were up to me.

but i’ve been learning a lot.  always a good thing.

on a lighter note…
i saw “pro-aging” deoderant on the shelf in walmart the other night.  i mean seriously now…
do i really want my armpit looking younger than the rest of me?  slightly ridiculous, peoples.  how does it even work??
nevermind.  i don’t want to know.
i am also currently addicted to pringles.  not just any pringles… but bacon ranch pringles.
let’s see what else…
i have added to my list of goals for life… to become “kemps” queen.  seriously, i think it’s attainable.
also.  there has been much putting to use of the video feature on my camera as of late.  check it.

and jason collett makes me smile at the moment.
which is good.  i need smiles.  because my headache will not go away.

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One response to “2007/ 04-02

  • Moleskine90

    Huh… that’s an interesting thought unto itself, but additionally, we seem to have the same thoughts about the opposite subjects.
    I want to go to Cedie to get out of my small town and start in an even smaller town with an entirely different atmosphere. I suppose that I view it as somewhat adventurous, but college is in the “normal” path of life. So I’m not completely sure if it would be considered an adventure or not–even though I consider it to be.
    “Pro-Aging Deodorant”?
    Um… I suppose it might appeal to oldbies, perhaps? Hey, who wouldn’t want younger looking armpits? Who looks at armpits, anyways?

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