2007/ 05-13

i have this terrible headache.
i didn’t sleep well last night.

sometimes i wonder what it would be like to travel the world with you…

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4 responses to “2007/ 05-13

  • pemshere

    aw that sucks.
    i had a really bad sleep last night too, really really restless, i must have alot of stuff on my mind…i dont even know. must have been something in the air. i hope that your head feels better soon. cant wait to hang out with you!!!

  • nelli_marie

    sorry i made it such a crappy weekend for you. i just wasn’t having all that good of a weekend, sorry i took it out on you. the photos were fun though!

  • DJEC

    Yes, Alaska does sound quite amazing. Of all the places I could have been stationed, it’s one of the best. It’ll be quite an adventure…

  • shelbell22

    hey jen! I’m glad you got that job… how is it going? thanks for your v-mail… I’ve been soooo busy. My dad had major surgery on his back yesterday and between work and class I’m helping him out. He’ll be off work for 6 weeks, so we’re all going to starve together hah. I’m waitressing at Two Cousins in Manheim if you ever want to come and visit me on a  Friday or Sunday night with some friends, etc. It’s pretty good food. I don’t even know what to tell you at this poitn as far as getting together.. my life is so crazy busy, and I’m so behind on a lot of things because of it. Well, I’m headed out to help my parents… we’re getting a new/bigger bed in my old room and I currently have tons of furniture for my house stored in there, so it’s moving day… then off to waitress til 11. Don’t forget to let me know about my e-mail/the dresses asap, cause I need them to be ordered so they come in in time. Have a great weekend!

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