2007/ 05-21

well, life is keeping me busy, i suppose.
i haven’t really had need or reason to type much as of late.

i work a boring desk job for the summer.  it’s really not so bad when i remember how much i’m getting paid (which is a nice sum, if i might say so)
basically i copy and paste information for several hours straight and try not to go crazy.
i am able to listen to my ipod which helps keep me sane for the most part.

that’s pretty much all i’m doing this summer.
soon enough my girls will be back on the east coast and i’ll have places to go and things to do on the weekends… which i greatly need.
already the weeks seem to be dragging on and feel like months… but at the same time it seems as though summer may very possibly go by quite quickly.
thursday night this week is the damien rice concert in philly (words can’t express excitement and anticipation)
and once august hits, i’ll have  few weddings to go to,
a much anticipated visit from a dear friend from california,
and then move on to ohio to “play house”.

and boy am i excited to make a house a home… my home.
and i’m really really pumped about dressing up this kitchen and putting it to good use… ::grin::



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