2007/ 06-18

So I’ve been thinking about this issue a lot, lately:


I have the amazing opportunity to hash through thoughts of respect and applying it to life and turn it into a curriculum for junior high and high school girls for small groups at my church. I’m excited about sharing this part of my heart and pray that it might be teachable and point young ladies towards Christ and His example and reflect the character of God in practical ways for these girls.

But I’m still wondering…

What does respect really mean?

I want to share how a godly woman can understand respect and how important it is not only to respect yourself, but more importantly to respect others around you… ESPECIALLY to respect guys!

And too, how this effects leadership. Guys stepping up in ministry and leading in huge ways, and how girls can respect guys in allowing them to do this. Yet still finding a place for girls within ministry. What are our roles?

I think one of my personal struggles with this is…
“How do I respect a guy whom I feel has given me reason not to respect him?”

So I guess if any of you guys have an opinion on respect, I’d love to hear it.
What does respect mean to you?
How important is respect?
Do you feel respected by others around you? Especially girls your age?

And girls, what do you think about respect?
Does it seem unimportant?
Or if it is important – what does it mean to you?
How do you respect others?
Is it hard to respect other people – especially guys?

Seriously – any thoughts on this topic would be amazing to hear.


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One response to “2007/ 06-18

  • pemshere

    respect to me is really important.i know this sounds totally over sued, but i think that it is fair relevant, on what respect, treating others how you want to be treated. and although this isnt all there is to it, it is pretty up there with the definition.|i dont think many girls in highschool or junior high respect themselves as much as they could or should. i know i didnt. part of it was my age, i mean at that age, you are always judged by peers, and you dont really know who you are. but it always came easy for my to respect others, that is how i was brought up, and i was blessed because of that, but it is hard to respect people, who seem to be trying so hard to not be, or seem to be putting in alot of effort, to prove that they dont deserve it, when really that is what they are starving for. depending on the age/maturity level of the guy is how i go to respect them….does that make sense? it is really hard to respect a guy, who is a jerk, and we all know them. but at the same time, depending on what they have been though and what they have done, no matter their age they can gain my respect easily.
    i dont know if any of that made sense to you, or is even what you were looking for, but i thought that i would reply and in some twisted way., woud help you.
    i think that is is a really cool thing what you are wanting to get started. when i was in school, it helped me ALOT to have someone that was older, that i could respect and look up and go to and know that it was safe. she and i are still good mates, and i think that a HUGE part of it was respect that a mutual part of out relationship.
    cant wait to see you my jen!! NOT LONG!!

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