frequent dreams

i vaguely remember staring out my back window.

there was a moment… an instance… where i recognized that you were walking by the window. this was unexpected. you weren’t supposed to be around. i wasn’t supposed to see you. but you were. and you were walking swiftly.

i’m pretty sure i ran out the back door – whatever this door was or wherever this house was – i ran after you. it’s all fading now, but you turned around once my calls echoed off your back. there was a wooden porch swing surrounded by the ivy… you sat down and i followed. i wanted to explain myself. i wanted to be understood.

… i can’t see your face anymore, but perhaps you were calloused. i’m sure i wanted to cry. maybe there was even a tear. there was a moment where i leaned back against the stiff wooden slats pressing to my back and slipped lower in the seat as i turned my eyes towards yours… you may have even gently wiped the tears away from my nose as you returned the glance.


i don’t remember the rest of the dream.
they seem to be more frequent these days.

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