lump sum

my eyes feel heavy.
as i sit here at the table, i feel as though my soul is desiring
desperately to be somewhere else…
instead i take a sip of the kelly green kool-aid and stare pointlessly
at the bowl of black bean and corn salsa.
this music is soothing the pounding in my head,
and i’m longing to be in a cabin in the woods…

i really do wish i took the time to jot down the thoughts in my head more often.
i was just reflecting on things i had written years previous…
it seems like decades have passed between many of these moments.

poetry night tonight… i’m going to read a poem by mary oliver.
i was quite enthralled. 
so i have not written my own this week,
but she has voiced well what seems to be on my heart.
there’s a lot there…

and i recommend this album.
especially on rainy days like today…

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